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Smart Support Guys can provide you with outstanding technical support for many well known PC and Laptop brands such as Sony, Dell, Samsung, HP, Acer, Toshiba and many more. In addition our team of experts can also provide support for Smart Phone devices such as Blackberry, iPhone and HTC and other top brands too.

Operating systems

Our team of Microsoft certified engineers can support the following Microsoft Operating Systems and software titles:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Outlook etc)


From time to time printers tend to give you problems, as a result you cannot print off those important documents just when you need them. Our team have undergone specialist training and can therefore provide on-demand support on printer issues which include products from brands such as:

  • HP
  • Epson
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Dell

Our engineers are experienced enough to handle vast range of queries regarding printing as their routine tasks.

Email & browsing

Our team of skilled support technicians are available to resolve email and browsing issues. There are many browsers and email clients available on the market today which all have a wide range of well known issues and can affect you in different ways. We can guarantee that we can resolve any issues relating to the following:

  • E-mail Setup and Support
  • Web Browser Support
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Windows Mail

We specialize in all contemporary e-mail clients like Outlook Express. Our engineers can help you on every step of sending and receiving emails including backing up your emails, linking your work emails with your personal emails, managing your contacts and calendars, transferring your Outlook Express from one computer to another computer, file attachments, scanning your emails etc. We have a vast experience to handle web based emails like Yahoo, Hotmail, Google Mail etc. and can help you to resolve your queries in no time.

Internet & Networking

With the Internet being playing such a major part in our lives we would be lost with it. We use it for many things; business and work, keeping in touch with friends and family, education and research, and just enjoyment. Not having the internet can really put a stop to your day. Routers are the crucial piece of technology which allows us to connect to the internet. Without a functioning Router you will not be surfing anywhere. Our teams of experts have many years of experience and can support the following:

  • Netgear Router
  • Linksys Router
  • Dlink Router
  • Virgin router
  • Belkin Router
  • General wireless network support

Sometimes problem with these is beyond the control of a computer user and you need assistance from a computer master who can help you get online in minutes.

CD/DVD Burning

Do you know that you can lose your important documents and pictures in case of a computer loss or crash? Yes thousands of our customers come up to us with these queries, but it is really difficult to get these documents in case of a computer crash and impossible in case of a computer loss. We always advise our customer to keep a back up on a CD/DVD or USB drive. We at Smart Support Guys have helped thousands of our customers by helping them to burn their data on external storage media and helped them to retrieve it in case of data loss.

Data Compression

Have you ever come across a situation where you are desperate to e-mail a document/game/song to any of your friend but your email client does not support it because of larger file size or your internet speed is limited and you always end up with an error page. Data compression techniques are handy in such situations. Our technical staff will help you to zip your data to make its size smaller than original and transfer it to the destination. We will also help you to un-zip these documents to their original form at destination.

Data Compression is also handy where you have to email number of pictures/documents to friend/relative but you do not want to attach these files one by one to save your time. Our engineers will help you to zip your whole folder as one document and you have to attach one document only instead of many files. We will also help you to un-zip this document to the original folder with all files in it.

Data Encryption

If you want to transfer secret data physically or through internet and you do not want hackers to read and understand your information. The best way is to encrypt your data using any cipher technique before transferring it and decrypt it on the destination to convert it back to readable format.

Engineers at Smart Support Guys have vast experience in using different encryption software and have helped a number of customers to protect their data from hackers.

Computer Optimisation

If your computer is connected with the internet; there is a high risk you could be affected by viruses or spyware which infect your computer. If you are an unlucky victim of these infections you will experience the following;

  • Computer pop-ups are not letting you use your computer
  • Your computer takes ages to start
  • Computer hangs up on every click and your office or college work is due tomorrow
  • If you are facing blue screen of death
  • Your printer has refused to print any more
  • Internet browser has stopped responding and does not let you open any website

In the first instance give our certified engineers a chance to get your computer going this time and maintain it for a whole year. Enjoy happy computing today, tomorrow and always with Smart Support Guys. We can optimize and backup your registry settings defrag your hard disk drive, automate regular backups, configuring firewall and protecting your computer against viruses and spyware with most contemporary anti-virus software.

Customer Feedback

After our mammoth session on February 24th. I feel I must say ''thank you'' for all you patience, technical skills and much needed sense of humour in sorting computer programmes for me. Should anything go wrong again, I will ask for you personally.

Leslyn Barrow-Alatishe